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As a Producer, Broadcaster, Speaker, Instructor, Engineer, and Army Veteran, I’ve frequently been labeled as a “Jack-of-all trades.” Yet, I’d rather emphasize that I’ve mastered media. Along my path, I’ve had the honor of collaborating with professionals across film, television, music, and new media. With a background as a professional performer and musician, entertainment has always been integral to my life. I take great pleasure in sharing the camaraderie and power of that experience.


– Doc Reo

My journey has intertwined with talented individuals, shaping my role as a multimedia consultant for entrepreneurs, businesses, veterans, and students. From the early days of Microsoft NetMeeting to today’s streaming platforms like Twitch, Instagram, and TikTok, I’ve remained at the forefront of evolving media trends. Renowned for my versatility, I’ve earned titles like “The man for all jobs” and “The hardest-working man in the industry.”


I have had contracts and partnerships with NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, CBS, PBS, Universal Music, Disney, Sony Entertainment, KPCRadio.com, KCSN Latin Alt, California State University Northridge, University of California Los Angeles, and many independent and corporate productions. My work can also be found at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles Pierce College, and the Los Angeles Times. My primary focus is Broadcasting, Film, Television, Music, and Performing Arts. However, Corporate and Instructional Media excite me as avenues for innovation and transformative education.


Driven by a relentless curiosity and passion for education and storytelling, I want to help others do the same. With each opportunity, I strive to push boundaries, embrace change, and share my knowledge with creators. My purpose is clear – to harness the power of media to inform, inspire, and entertain audiences worldwide.

Recent Shows

On the Grind with Drew Lauer

On the Grind with Drew Lauer

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