Hollywood Holmes

As an Option Head and Associate Professor of Entertainment Media Management at California State University Northridge, I have the privilege of working with Entertainment professionals and students. Before teaching, I previously worked in Television Advertising and I am also an Industry Consultant with a passion for Audience Research and host of the Hollywood Holmes show.
– Todd “Hollywood” Holmes, Ph.D

As a researcher I specialize in the implementation and monetization of new technologies, the multi-platform delivery of content and advertising messages, the media consumption habits of college-aged students, and the management of telecommunications sales forces given the rapidly changing dynamics of the industry, and the media consumption habits of college-aged students at California State University, Northridge. My work can be found in the Journal of Consumer Marketing, The Journal of Social Media in Society, Journalism and Mass Communication Educator, and the Journal of Media Business Studies.


I have been featured on CNBC, WGN, CNN, Nightline, NPR, Spectrum News, KCRW, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Business Insider, which is how I earned the nickname Hollywood Holmes. Although I am a Forbes Contributor, I have also been privileged with presenting my research at various conferences including the the World Media Economics and Management Conference (WMEMC), the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC), the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), and the Society for Marketing Advances (SMA).


Throughout my career I have enjoyed my ability to share research with students and professionals which consistently fuels my drive as an educator and as Hollywood Holmes the Entertainment Consultant.




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