Join us as Todd Hollywood Holmes interviews Doug Haley, a multifaceted talent in the film and television industry. From his beginnings as an actor to his current role as a commercial associate with the esteemed Eris Talent Agency, Doug’s story is as diverse as the roles he’s embraced throughout his career. 🎬


Passion of the Arts


🎭 Doug’s journey into acting is nothing short of inspiring, shaped by his adventurous childhood and unwavering passion for theater. Despite facing numerous relocations, his love for the craft remained steadfast, laying the foundation for a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.


Versatile Acting Career


🎬 Reflecting on his experiences, Doug shares the profound influence of classic Hollywood stars on his career trajectory. From iconic sitcoms like “Good Luck Charlie” to intense films such as “The Babysitter,” he has embraced a wide spectrum of roles with finesse and dedication.

📝 Gain valuable insights into Doug’s approach to acting preparation, including the utilization of Michael Chekhov’s techniques and the transformative power of music in evoking authentic emotions on screen.





From Acting to Casting



🎥 Explore Doug’s transition into the realm of casting, from his humble beginnings as an intern to assuming casting director roles. As he recounts memorable casting experiences, he emphasizes the crucial role of assembling the perfect cast to bring a project to life.

💡 Discover why Doug favors in-person auditions over self-tapes, emphasizing the significance of energy and personal connections in the casting process.

👥 Throughout his career, Doug underscores the importance of camaraderie on set and advocates for fairness within the industry, embodying the values of integrity and professionalism. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of filmmaking while highlighting the indispensable contributions of every individual involved in shaping the final product. 🎬



Commercial Talent Agent



🔍 Doug’s journey serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of the entertainment industry, driven by passion, dedication, and collaboration. From acting to casting, his diverse experiences underscore the profound impact of storytelling in Hollywood.

Don’t miss out on Doug’s insightful reflections on the challenges of self-taped auditions and his proudest casting moment for the film “The Other Me,” filmed in Tbilisi, Georgia.

📱 Join us as we explore Doug’s newfound role as a commercial associate, including his experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and his unexpected foray into commercial acting with an iPhone commercial. Experience the magic of Hollywood with Doug Haley! ✨


Connect with Doug through Eris Talent Agency or follow his social media links below.


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