🎙️ Welcome to “Business Life with Johnnie Morris,” your go-to podcast for insightful discussions on business and life. 🌟 In today’s episode, we’re joined by the remarkable Dave Ray, a military veteran, public speaker, and business coach.


Implementing Systems and Public Speaking


Dave shares his journey from government contracting to entrepreneurship and the pivotal moment that led him to become a business coach and public speaking coach. 💼He also emphasizes the importance of implementing systems and standardized procedures in business coaching, drawing from his experience as a naval aviator.


Performance Anxiety


Dave recounts a transformative experience with a client, highlighting the role of third-party confirmation in overcoming imposter syndrome. 🛳️ Transitioning to public speaking, Dave offers valuable tips for improving presentation skills, stressing that average performance can stand out in everyday business settings. He also encourages speakers to view their audience as allies, easing anxiety and promoting collaboration. 🎤

In discussing business strategies, Dave underscores the significance of financial management for small business owners, urging them to track expenses and seek professional guidance. He emphasizes the value of networking through organizations like chambers of commerce, citing personal success stories. 📈


Coaching and Connection


Looking ahead, Dave reflects on the evolving landscape of coaching and consulting, particularly with the rise of AI technology. He emphasizes the importance of personal connection and differentiation in a competitive market, noting the potential of online platforms for expanding reach and accessibility. 💻 Join us as we discuss the future of coaching and the power of technology in shaping the industry.



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