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We know how hard it can be to find the right podcast studio, and sometimes we find ourselves looking for a second home. Don’t look for a home. Record from home, in person, or online! Instead of trying to find a place make it happen where you are. That’s why we built In The Hot Box Studios, to provide the best podcast experience, with first-in-class equipment, staff, and service, that can do it in your home, online, or in one of our locations in Los Angeles County. We utilize professional audio equipment, have teamed with audio professionals in our area, and offer options to rent local studio locations outside Los Angeles and across Region 4, the Western United States.

Works And Appearances 


In The Hot Box

In The Hot Box with Doc Reo has won multiple awards as a radio show, online video show, and podcast about the lives of people all over Los Angeles County. Doc Reo started the show to celebrate the local unheard talent in the community and gradually branched out to interview entrepreneurs, business owners, organizational leaders, as well as, state and local community leaders. Now, with the help of other producers, educators, and some of those community leaders, we present In The Hot Box Studios.

The Studio project paves the way for local producers to collaborate and share resources of a Mobile Ready or Local Studio Rental. We make it easy for producers by creating a broadcast or recording space that fits their needs while providing a high-quality recording experience. We have professional-grade recording equipment of all ranges. Contact us directly to book one of our experienced Producer Engineers, who can help you, the Creative Producer/ Host launch the podcast, radio, or talk show of your dreams.


Studio Team

Meet the Staff

Mareo-Ahmir Lawson, M.Ed., DD. bka Doc Reo
Technical Producer/ Managing Partner
Anita Makarova
Production Executive/ Administration
Todd Holmes, Ph.D.
Broadcast Advertising/ Director of Marketing
Nick “Fidelis” Lodeon
Mascot Mic Master/ In The Hot Box Robot

 Production Team

Production Crew

Nicholas Olveira Fabre
Camera Operator
Joshua-Lomeli-In-The-Hot-Box Camera-Photo-Clear
Camera Operator

Full-Service Agency

We may be a podcast studio, but we’re also a full-service media production, content creation,  and media marketing agency. Our team can provide you with a wide range of production services in-house or through partnerships with industry professionals here in Los Angeles. Our services include audio editing, video editing, media management, content creation, social media planning, strategy services, consultation, and professional coaching services. We also have a network of film, television, radio, and music mentors and coaches, as well as, seven to ten-figure business coaches.

Podcast Editing and Content Creation (Video, Producer Page, Funnel, Graphics, etc.).

Manage Data and Metrics (Analyzing, Reviewing, and Evaluating your data with you).

Consultation Services (Coaching and Consulting Services to increase reach).

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Johnnie Morris
Business Life and Morris
Todd Holmes, Ph.D.
Manage Media with Dr. Holmes
Robert Graves, MSW
Year of the Vet with Graves
Doc Reo
Emerging Media with Doc Reo

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