🎙️🎬 This week we go On the Grind with Drew Lauer, a seasoned entrepreneur and studio owner with over two decades of experience in film and TV production. Drew’s journey from humble beginnings to establishing a production empire is nothing short of inspiring. 💼


Drew Lauer and the Grind


Drew has worn many hats – from grip work to entrepreneurship. His passion for embracing new technologies has led him to the forefront of emerging media, where he shares insights into the highs and lows of pioneering in production. 🌟

Drawing from his diverse experiences, Drew shares anecdotes from working on both big-budget blockbusters and intimate indie projects, emphasizing the importance of variety in his craft. 🌟 From explosive desert scenes to capturing tender moments in commercials, Drew’s expertise knows no bounds.


Producer and Studio Owner


One of the highlights of our conversation was Drew’s recent leap into producing, sparked by an opportunity to executive produce a music video. This venture led to further success in 2022, as Drew reflects on the learning curve of stepping into a producer role and the invaluable guidance of industry veterans. 🎶

We also examine Drew Lauer’s ventures, including Media Box, a boutique camera rental facility, and his latest production company, Hamstervision. With a focus on utilizing cutting-edge tech like robotic cameras, Drew is pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. 📹

Practice, Preparation, and Mindfulness


Throughout our discussion, Drew emphasizes the importance of preparation, mindfulness, and collaboration in achieving success. He shares insights into building the right teams and working with friends, drawing parallels between filmmaking and his background as an artist. 🧘‍♂️


Drew gives us a glimpse into his daily routine, which includes yoga, meditation, and affirmations to cultivate a positive mindset before tackling production challenges. 🌅 He shares anecdotes from the set, highlighting the dynamic nature of filmmaking and the crucial role of effective communication among crew members.


Passion and Drive


As we wrap up the episode, Drew reflects on his passion for creating breathtaking imagery and the satisfaction of overcoming logistical hurdles to bring creative visions to life. 🌟 He leaves listeners with an empowering message, urging aspiring filmmakers to embrace self-discovery and continuous learning in pursuit of their artistic dreams. 🎥🌟


Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode of “On the Grind” with Drew Lauer” – tune in now and join us on the journey of creativity and inspiration!


Contact Drew on his website DrewLauer.com or through his social media links below.

His work can also be viewed at Hamstervision


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