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Are you a nerd? Are you a nerd who smokes pot?


Then 420 Nerds is the podcast for you!

Join your hosts  Jackie Zwirn (“Jax”) and Jessica Zipay (“Jecca”) as they smoke out, talk about nerd culture and interview fantastic nerds and where to find them. On this episode of 420 Nerds, Jax and Jecca interview Jackie and Jecca interview Maria Tyger, a divergent, gender queer, Goth, geek Crossplayer, and member of the Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army. Maria has crossplayed, Vincent Price, Alice Cooper, Hannibal Lecter, Severus Snape and the Joker.  She calls herself “Divergent” in that she is not a devotee to any one fandom.

Grab a smoke and tune in!

420 Nerds - The Joker

by Jackie Z & Jecca Zip | In The Hot Box



Visit Maria @mariatyger on Instagram


Jax and Jecca are hard-core nerds. They both share a love of fandoms that run the gamut from Harry Potter, to Jane Austen, to Superheroes.

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